Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little gift

Yesterday I started my first semester at long beach state. Due to high fees for the parking pass, I choose to take the bus to school. Figure I could meet some cool people. Well I was right. Sitting at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to come. Three guys come walking over and one of them sits right next to me. I tried not to listen in on the conversation but there was nothing else going on, ha. I quickly realized that the guy sitting next to me was on his way to rehab. It seemed an intervention of some sort had just gone on and now they were taking him to get checked in. I started to pray, in my head of course. I soon found myself sharing part of my testimony with the guy sitting next to me. He also is 21 and I got to share how I have been sober for two years now and life couldn't be better.

Just moments before I left for the bus stop, the Lord had put it on my heart to bring a bible with me in my backpack. As I sat there talking, I knew this was the reason why. I asked his friends if they allowed patients to bring in any items. They said yes. I reached in my bag and handed him the bible. His face lit up. I told him it might not seem like much now but this book will get you through this difficult time. His friends all agreed. What an amazing opportunity. But that wasn't the best part. Right after that happened, his friend looked at the bus schedule and realized they were at the wrong stop. I laughed a little on the inside and thought, no you came exactly where you needed to come. They walked away and I realized I didn't even get their names. Doubtful I will ever seen them again.

I wanted to share that as an example of how the Lord can use us. I had no idea that group of guys would sit next to me, no idea why I was carrying around that extra bible but when the opportunity came, I knew if I didn't act, then who would? What if I had just sat there and minded my own business? I will never know the outcome of that boys life but can only pray the Lord speaks to him through that bible. I want to encourage everyone to be prepared for who the Lord might bring into your path. It could be for a greater purpose than our own.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

About Me

My name is Justin and I've been attending Rockharbor for two years now. I have loved every minute of it. There are some really amazing things that go on at that church. I grew up in a christian family and went to private school my whole life, except first grade but that doesn't really count ha. My life has definitely had its ups and downs but I'm glad to say I've been steady in my faith for past two years. I have seen God work in some amazing ways, not only in my life but in others around. Radical conversions, freedom from addictions, healings, miracles, prophesies, all things the Lord has allowed me to witness. He is so undeniable. His love and grace surround us in everything we do and to deny that would be foolishness. I try to live my life for Him daily but I do fall short. That is the beauty of it though. I fall so short but still He picks me up. Still He loves me. Everything I have is from Him. He just allows me to hold on to it for a short time. My desire is to be involved in ministry anyway I can. Whether that means mopping the floors or teaching in front of hundreds. Wherever He leads me is the path I will take.

I joined this group to build even greater community with other believers around me. I feel it is necessary to surround ourselves in deep relationship together as we experience Christ. To support each other during hard times, encourage one another, and build each other up. I feel this group will be great way to do all those things. We have a unique opportunity to not only meet and grow with each other but learn how to disciple others. That is what the tells us to do isn't it? "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations." (Matthew 28:19). Im excited to see how we all grow over these next months together.