Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pre Haiti

Its strange to think that in two days I will be in Haiti. A place that will change my life. The things I will see will stick with me forever.

The Lord has really been preparing my heart for this. He has been calling me to spend hours a day sitting in His presence just praying. Even though I have fallen short of that, when I have taken the time it is so rewarding. His presence is so strong in those times. A great heaviness in the room that could only be of Him. I find myself crying a lot during these times as He shows me His heart for those people. How deeply He loves them and desires for them to be happy. A happiness that only comes from a relationship with Him. Its strange to cry for people I have never met but I see it as a gift. I know this is my call in life. I could never walk away from it. To care for the orphans of the world. My heart breaks for them.

I was talking to one of my professors today about being gone and my trip. He is also a Christian man. He told me how his son went to Africa about a year ago. He briefly described what his son had seen and it was horrific. There are fields of trash in Africa where orphans, with no where else to go, live. All day long they sniff glue to get high and eat whatever garbage they can. This is their life, get high and eat garbage. Thousands of children in Africa live this way. I had no words to say, I just stood there, shocked.

I can only image what God has planned for this trip. I just pray for the strength to walk with Him at all times and do what He calls me to do while I'm there. I thank all of you for your support and prayers in this, they are a huge blessing. This is just as much your trip as it is mine. We are all part of body and are all one in Christ.

See you all in a couple weeks!